Media Rant – FOX News “journalist” Tucker Carlson humiliates himself on his own show, even though he’ll never realize it because of his arrogance

Teen Vogue Writer Battles Tucker Carlson: ‘You’re Actually Being a Partisan Hack’

So obviously this post is not going to be related to movies, although there could be movie references in it.  This blog won’t always focus on movies, because I enjoy talking about a wide range of things.  I chose the name Ohio Cinephile because I liked the ring to it and it was available, but certainly not because I want to make this primarily a movie blog.  To me, I feel that if I just did a movie blog, that would be fine but I also wouldn’t be able to share thoughts on other topics I want to talk about.  Also as full disclosure, I am critical of ALL MEDIA, so just because you see FOX in the header, this isn’t because I’m a FOX hater.  FOX just happens to be the news outlet I disagree with the most but I am critical of all media and will give credit where credit is due.  So without further ado, lets get on with this post.

Last night on Tucker Carlson’s show (I guess they’ll give a platform to anyone these days) he had Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca on to initially discuss an incident that occurred where Ivanka Trump was verbally harassed on a Jet Blue flight to Hawaii with her children present.  The individuals that did this, Matthew Lasner and Dan Goldstein, should be ashamed of themselves for doing this.  No matter your views and opinions on public figures, harassing someone on an airplane with their young children present is unacceptable behavior.  Carlson immediately paints the picture that based on Duca is pro harassment of people on planes, especially if your name is Ivanka Trump.  He’ll later base this on tweets that Duca made the day after the incident, which she never mentioned the flight at all.  Carlson poorly attempted to frame the segment to say to his audience that Duca was not a fan of Ivanka Trump that she also advocates harassing her on planes.  That’s like someone having me on their show because I don’t like Donald Trump and framing it that because I don’t like Donald Trump that I don’t like successful rich people.  Carlson’s attempt of ad hominem attacking Duca was laughable.  Carlson was so ready to immediately disagree and discredit Duca before the segment even aired that he argued with her on an issue THAT THEY AGREE ON!  Again, Duca never stated that Ivanka should be harassed on an airplane but Carlson kept trying to hammer that point home to his audience, hoping they’ll agree with him.  He even had this confused look on his face the entire segment, maybe due to the fact that Duca was saying facts and making good points and that she was ruining his segment so he was constantly trying to discredit this individual since he couldn’t defeat her in this debate.  So he did, and this is where Carlson throws in the towel on his credibility.

Carlson reduced to talking over Duca when she was making her points (she’s a guest on your show, have some respect), dismissing her points, and then attacked Duca for being a writer for Teen Vogue. This simple minded attack exposes Carlson for the self-important, arrogant, snob that he’s always come off to be. He’s basically saying that this woman has no business talking about political issues because she a journalist that writes for Teen Vogue and that she should stick to talking about Ariana Grande’s thigh high boots.  Having that viewpoint makes you a shallow individual.  Should athletes never have political viewpoints because they’re just jocks?  Should movie stars not have political viewpoints because they’re just entertainers?  Also, look in the mirror Tucker because you’re attacking Duca on her liberal viewpoints when you are a well renowned conservative.  Don’t act like you’re “fair and balanced” when you already have an agenda.  This is the biggest issue with FOX, the lie that they are fair and balanced with they have conservatives like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, and others having their own hour long shows. There will be another day for a FOX rant, lets stay on point.

I don’t understand why people like Tucker Carlson.  In anything I’ve watched Carlson on, he’s always this patronizing ass that appears to believe that you are lesser than me because I on FOX and you’re nothing.  I guess there are people that like conceited people with a superiority complex talking down to others for their entertainment.  I personally just don’t understand it.  Everyone has opinions and if they’re based on fact, you should respect the individual and have a civilized conversation.  This was the opposite of that.  This was an attempt to smear someone because of who she writes for, which she clearly comes off as being proud of and enjoys doing.  So why base part of your argument on this?  If I was a journalist with tends of thousands of Twitter followers and also had this blog, would I be criticized for having an opinion or should I just stick to talking about movies because I don’t know what I’m talking about?  This, in a nutshell, encompasses what Tucker Carlson comes off to be.  He could be a nice reasonable person outside of FOX News but I’ve seen plenty of him over the last decade to make me believe otherwise and which is why he’s developed the reputation he has by many over the years: that of a condescending asshole.




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