SLASH COURSE – Friday the 13th Part 2

Welcome to Slash Course, a working title series where I go through and break down slasher movies in detail.  If you haven’t seen any of these films here is your SPOILER WARNING!!! For our second installment, let’s continue on with the franchise that started this series, Friday the 13th Part 2!

We open up with feet and then another pair of feet.  One thing I did forget to mention in the first review was the ominous “Ch Ch Ch Chhhh Ah Ah Ah Ahhhh” theme which when you hear it, you automatically think of Jason Voorhees.  The man, the myth, and the legend (as he’s referred to in this film).  This is the first official non-flashback shot of Jason Voorhees as he….walks up to a house.  We then see our final girl from the last film, Alice, having a hell of a nightmare reliving the final moments of the previous film as she beheaded Jason’s mother and then the vision of her being pulled into Crystal Lake by baby Jason.  Alice wakes up and talks to her mom on the phone saying this is how she has to cope.  Another little nugget from the 1st film was that Steve talked to Alice about her drawings and she indeed has been doing a lot of drawing since this incident as there are several drawings she looks at.  Nice callback but ultimately doesn’t matter for what’s about to come.  We follow Alice as she takes a shower, which is short-lived as the pervert cameraman opens the curtain the phone rings.  Alice picks up but….it’s not mom.  It’s nobody, another classic cliche in horror/slasher films.  No one’s home but DEAR GOD SHE LEFT THE DOOR UNLOCKED.  Why oh why Alice.  She slowly walks into the kitchen where her window is open.  So she grabs an icepick but it’s just a damn cat.  That damn cat jumps through her window making that the first jump scare of the film.  Alice decides to make some tea as her fears are alieved and she opens the fridge but is pleasantly surprised to find Mrs. Voorhees head in there.  This is not a dream as she shrieks in horror and then is put out of her misery as Jason (at this point we don’t know it’s Jason but c’mon) takes an icepick through her temple making her Kill #1 and the cat’s fate is unknown but probably is Jason’s dinner.

KILL #1 – Alice

(She had a good run)

So before we continue, let’s dissect what just happened.  How does Jason know who Alice is?  He was not around in the first film and is presumed dead by his mother.  How does he find Alice?  This was before Google Maps, before the Internet.  How does Jason know Alice’s number?  Maybe we can let that one slide as it could have been anyone that called Alice but that’s quite the coincidence.  Finally, and most importantly, why in the hell does Jason bring his mother’s severed head with him?  No one noticed this man walking around with a severed head in the condition he was in (we’ll get to that later but let’s just say Jason doesn’t blend in with others).  This was clearly just to frighten Alice but Jason took a big chance as he had to bank on Alice opening the refrigerator while he was in the kitchen to make the kill.  Jason may be a genius serial killer and just haven’t given him credit where credit is due!

We never get answers to those questions but we do find out more about Jason’s whereabouts but we’ll get there shortly.  Credits roll and we’re introduced to our new set of victims characters.  Our first pair of characters is Jeff and Sandra rolling up into town and Sandra hilariously pointing out that there’s a gas station literally right in front of them.  Thanks for keeping an eye out!  As they arrive, an old friend is nearby watching.  That’s right, good old Crazy Ralph!

Ralph Part 2

Jeff and Sandra run to use a pay phone to call their buddy Ted but soon after their truck is being towed.  As they chase the tow truck down, it pulls into Ted’s driveway.  Oh, that rascal Ted and his pranks!  The out of towners and Ted head down the road for to get to the Packanack Camp Counselor Training Center but are cut off by a big tree branch in the road.  While Ted and Jeff clear that out, Sandra wanders into the woods and just so happens to stumble on the old Camp Crystal Lake sign.  Ted states that it’s Camp Blood and that their camp is going to be on the same lake as it but is very coy on the subject.  As they leave, someone *coughJasoncough* is watching…


The dinner bell rings at camp and we’re shown all of the counselors in training coming up.  We see a girl, Teri, wearing a Mickey Mouse crop top and booty shorts running with her dog as someone is watching her from the background.  We’re treated to a gratuitous shot of the young woman’s ass as the stalker, Scott uses a slingshot to sling an stone at her derriere.  Teri see’s him come out of the woods.  If there were ever a PSA for creeps, Scott should be on the front of it.


Everyone arrives at the Packanack Lodge picnic area where the lead counselor, Paul, gives the rah rah speech but is waiting for his help.  A car arrives, passing Crazy Ralph on his bike, and it’s Ginny the other lead counselor.  She’s sorry she’s late but her ride is a piece of junk and the phone’s at the camp aren’t hooked up yet.  It turns to night and Paul has a campsite fire with everyone and he explains everything about Jason, laying out some exposition for the viewer.  First, this is 5 years after the events of Camp Crystal Lake.  Second, Alice was killed 2 months after those events.  Third, Jason allegedly saw his mother killed, so he must have stalked Alice for those two months.  Finally, fourth, this group is the first group to return to this area since the events.  Then, yet again, that scoundrel Ted scares everyone with a mask and spear.

Everyone goes into the lodge and we have a lot of riveting stuff happening like Ginny and Mark playing chess, Scott still trying to get into Teri’s pants as well as Vicki flirting with Mark.  Only Teri’s dog happens to notice a stranger outside.  Sandra is also obsessed with seeing “Camp Blood.”  Even for a slasher film, Sandra’s acting is so cringeworthy.  God bless Marta Kober, who played Sandra and this was her first film, but she was as wooden as you can get.  We follow Ginny into her cabin and of course, we have her stripping to her bra and putting on her robe?  Why did we need to see this sequence you ask?  Well, you’re watching a slasher film and there have to be scantily clad girls, yet another classic cliche.  That stranger the dog may have noticed earlier could have been drunk crazy Ralph who is just hanging outside of Ginny’s cabin.  Paul scares the shit out of Ginny who does not find it funny.  This leads to Paul and Ginny sucking face while Ralph creepily watches on but is distracted by a broken stick.  As he looks around, he is suddenly strangled around a tree to his untimely demise.  We hardly knew ya, Ralph!

KILL #2: Crazy Ralph

(Will he be missed?)

The next morning everyone is up for a morning jog and trail walking.  Teri’s dog hasn’t been tied up and wanders off in the woods to the feet of who we presume is Jason.  Not good as the scene cuts to hot dogs cooking on the grill.  Nice.  For what I said about Sandra’s acting, Teri is no better as she looks absolutely bored looking for her dog Muffin.  Though the acting isn’t what people watch these movies for, at least put a little effort into your role, good Lord.  Ginny puts away her chainsaw meanwhile Sandra is still obsessed with seeing Camp Blood and basically drags Jeff along to go.  As they reach the no trespassing sign, we see more feet come from behind a tree walking behind them.  They come across a mangled dead dog in the woods, which is not Muffin,  and then are startled by a random police officer causing the young hoodlums to give an ‘aw shucks’ look.  We’d later find out that the officer was around because of the actions 5 years ago and to make sure no tomfoolery went down again.  Boy, was he dead wrong….foreshadowing pun!  Next scene causes instant heat (heat is a wrestling term for not liking someone) for Paul who is wearing a New York Yankees cap, who is being scolded by the officer that no one is allowed over to Camp Crystal Lake as it’s condemned.  Paul lets the kids off the hook, although no seconds for dessert.  The disgusted police officer leaves but stops when he sees someone in the woods.  A long chase ensues which leads the officer to a decaying cabin.  As the officer looks around inside, he is mortified by what he sees, which was revealed later to be Mrs. Voorhees’ head on an altar.  Jason comes up from behind and smashes the claw of a hammer into the back of this officer’s head, making him Kill #3

KILL #3 – Random Police Officer

(In the wrong place at the wrong time)

Back at the lodge, Paul offers up one final ride into the town before camping gets serious.  Some take his offer but others stay behind.  Teri, who is terribly worried about her dog, stays behind as does Scott who’s looking to get laid.  Mark states that nothing spoils a party like a drunk in a wheelchair and he’s also in training, presumably for arm wrestling as he shows off in the film so Vicki stays behind as she is a fan.  Sandra and Jeff also stay behind as the rest head off into town.  As the cars leave and the kids go inside, a shadow slowly moves.  If you haven’t been able to tell yet, the ones who stayed behind made a bad life choice here.  Teri is still so worried about her Muffin, dog not…never mind, that she decides to go skinny dipping.  Mark defeats Jeff in a squash of an arm wrestling match but Sandra’s horny and takes Jeff off to bed for some boinking.  Vicki flirts with Mark and wants to make sure he’s not fully handicapped from the waist down.  I have to say on a personal level that I found Vicki the most attractive of the women.  She definitely has the girl next door look going on here.  Creepy pervy Scott takes Teri’s clothes as she chases after him but Scott gets caught in a booby trap.  Yes, I did feel very immature writing booby trap after seeing Teri minutes earlier.  Scott is now hanging upside down by a rope from a tree so Teri goes to get something to cut him down.  However, it is too late as Mr. Voorhees has found his next victim and slits his throat with a machete.  Soon after, Teri comes by too little too late and is killed off-screen and her corpse is shown near the end of the film with random police officer’s corpse by Mrs. Voorhees’ altar.

KILL #4 – Scott

(Just wanted some American Pie)


KILL #5 – Teri

(Tragically never saw Muffin again)

Three camp counselors are at a bar…I got nothing.  Ginny is becoming obsessed with Jason as Paul tries to talk her off a ledge.  She’s worried about him being “a frightened retard.”  Paul and Ted don’t take her seriously which bums Ginny out.  It’s like Bigfoot hunters that believe and are not being taken seriously by others.  Just a deflating feeling.  Mark’s sitting around, cause what else is he going to do and Vicki’s ready to mingle while right down the hallway Sandra and Jeff are going upstairs to shag.  Vicki is getting hot and bothered with Mark and needs to get ready for a roll in the hay.  Mark could have been a lucky fella.  Jason watches Vicki get into her bangin’ undies.  Vicki cannot find her damn comb and almost gets killed running out to the car to find it.  A storm is a brewing and Mark is getting worried about Vicki.  He rolls out to the porch and suffers one of the more brutal deaths so far, a machete right to his face as he rolls down the steps and amazingly stayed in his chair the whole time.

KILL #6 – Mark

(Auditioning for Over the Top)

Shagging has concluded but the rough stuff waits ahead for Sandra and Jeff as Mr. Voorhees has entered the building.  Moving at a snail’s pace with a spear in hand, he slowly opens the door unbeknownst to our lovers and Jason jams the spear through the both of them and the bed getting a 2 for 1 special.

KILL #7 & 8 – Sandra & Jeff

(Won’t be bragging about going to Camp Blood)

Ginny and Paul leave the bar while Ted stays behind for after hour specials.  Ted gets this information from an older gentleman who I get the sense was a pimp or mobster in a previous life.  Vicki arrives back inside ready for some in-out action but finds a quiet cabin.  Vicki goes upstairs and is horrified to see a hooded man sit up on the bed.  Vicki gets gashed by Jason’s machete in the leg and then backs up by the door and into Jeff’s corpse on the wall.  Jason continues his snail pace as he slowly walks towards Vicki with a knife (with a very gross thumbnail) all the while Vicki is right by the door.  Granted she is cut on her leg but there was a very good chance of at least getting out of that room.  5 minutes goes by and Jason finally stabs the beautiful Vicki low for kill number 9.

KILL #9 – Vicki

(Just wasn’t quick enough)

Jason drags Vicki’s corpse down the stairs for some reason.  Ginny and Paul return to the lodge from the monsoon outside and boy are they in for a surprise!  Ginny finds bloody bed sheets upstairs although it could be a prank.  For real assholes who deserve what they get for doing stupid pranks, stay tuned to the next SLASH COURSE where I break down Friday the 13th Part III.  The lights go out of course so Paul grabs a flashlight as they go downstairs.  Ginny yells at Paul that there’s someone in the room and it is indeed Jason who whiffs on stabbing Paul from behind with the spear.  A tussle ensues with scary music indicating the demise of Paul.




Ginny goes into a room and holds the doorknob and notices a window.  She slowly makes her way towards the window but Jason knows what’s up and reaches in from the outside.  Ginny runs into another room, fortunately, one that has a door with a lock, but again Jason doesn’t give a shit and smashes a pitchfork through the door.  A panicked Ginny opens a door with the corpse of Ralph, which will result in years of therapy.  dead-ralph

Ginny gets the hell out of there by busting through a window.  She runs to her car (good move), takes out her car keys (good move), but her car is a piece of shit and won’t start (shit).  Jason comes by and stabs the roof of her car with a pitchfork to get in.  Ginny does the old car door trick and bumps Jason down to make a run for it.  She makes a ballsy move of hiding for a sneak attack on Jason, which works!  Point to Ginny.  Jason then chases after Ginny and tries a sneak attack on her but fails.  No point for Jason.  The chase ensues and Jason ends up by a cabin which he goes into.  He’s made the right choice as Ginny is there but is hiding under a bed.  She’s afraid of Jason, but what she’s really afraid of is a little mouse as one came by her and she literally pissed herself.

Thinking Jason is gone, Ginny crawls from under the bed but she is fooled as Jason is standing on a chair ready to pounce with his pitchfork.  He misses and Ginny escapes again.  Jason’s stamina bar may be blinking red at this point.  Ginny’s read up on some horror killers though because she grabs her chainsaw from earlier and gashes Jason’s arm with it.  She follows that up with a chair to the back.  Ginny runs back from where she came through the woods but ends up by the dilapidated cabin that Jason resides in.  Thinking someone can help, she runs in, but Jason has recovered and is in pursuit.  Ginny locks herself in a room but is mortified to find it’s a room with Teri, the police officer, and a 5-year-old severed head.  Yeah, I’d be freaked out too.  Jason uses a pickaxe to get in but Ginny is putting the pieces together from the stories about Jason and his mother.  Ginny puts on Mrs. Voorhees’ sweater right before Jason comes in and then impersonates Mrs. Voorhees.  We get a surprise appearance from Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Voorhees talking to Jason from his perspective.  As Jason gets close to Ginny, Ginny grabs a machete ready to strike.  Ginny moves too far away allowing Jason to see his mother’s head and realizing that indeed his mother is still dead and Ginny is a damn liar.  Jason gashes Ginny’s leg with a pickax (that’s gotta hurt) and randomly Paul comes in to save the day!  Jason kills all these people but Paul survives and doesn’t even have a mark on him.  The two continue to tussle, shit falls everywhere, and Ginny sees an opening.  She comes from behind Jason with the machete and gets him good.

Paul assists Ginny back to the lodge as Jason is foolishly believed to be dead.  A traumatized Ginny is consoled by Paul but there’s something still outside.  Paul has the machete and Ginny has the pitchfork.  Paul opens the door but it’s little ol’ Muffin!  Phew, the nightmare is over.  Happy music plays as Ginny and Paul can live happily ever after, adopt Muffin, and get years of therapy…oh….oh no.  The frightened retard, her words not mine, bursts through the window onto Ginny and we finally see his mutilated face.  Reminds me of a hillbilly version of Sloth.

The result of what happened is unknown but Ginny makes it as she is stretchered out in an ambulance the next morning.  Maybe Paul called an ambulance while Ginny and Jason were having their chase.  I’ll roll with that.  We end with a zoom in on Mrs. Voorhees head on the altar.

This was a nice follow up from the original and sets up the tone going forward with the series.  Unbeknownst, sometimes dim, young people try and fail to survive against Jason.  These are not award-winning films.  The plots are thin at best.  But they know what they are and I appreciate them for what they are.  Stay tuned for the briefly mentioned Friday the 13th Part III for the next SLASH COURSE!

Friday the 13th Part II gets a 6/10.

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