Film Review – Geostorm

Geostorm knows what it is and it is dumb fun.  If you’re expecting anything else, you will be disappointed.  Is it predictable?  Absolutely.  Is it ridiculous?  Absolutely.  Is it fun?  Absolutely.  Geostorm brought me back to the disaster films that I enjoy like Twister, Independence Day, and my personal favorite 2012, just to name a few.  There’s also some really bad ones, like Independence Day: Resurgance.  Geostorm is fun to watch visually and is as hokey as a Hallmark movie.


Geostorm is directed by Dean Devlin, who doesn’t have a lot of director credits this name but he was a producer on Independence Day and Independence Day Resurgence so this could have been either or.  And I think it fits right in the middle.  The film stars Gerard Butler as Jake Lawson as a satellite designer who managed the project of Dutch Boy, a counter-measuring weather device designed to prevent natural disasters.  This is all ran from the International Space Station where many nations have come together on this project to protect their countries.  However, the government gets involved in Jake’s baby and he’s shown the door.  Whenever the government gets involved, of course, you should be wary.  Jake was shown the door by his own brother Max, played by Jim Sturgess, who now needs Jake’s help as there have been some satellite malfunctions killing people.


You can play a drinking game through this movie and take a drink every time there’s a cliche in one of these films.  I actually did enjoy the relationship between Jake and his daughter Hannah, played by Talitha Eliana Bateman.  The story at its core is about Jake and Max dealing with their relationship, which I also felt was told well.  Let’s get real, though, you’re paying to see ridiculous action and you’ll get it.  My bar for disaster movies is the Roland Emerich masterpiece 2012 and while Geostorm doesn’t get up there, in my opinion, it is a fine addition to the genre.  Cheesy one-liners, tropes out the wazoo, preposterous scenarios including driving while the road is crumbling beneath you, the usual run of the mill characters in this genre.  You’re getting them all and it is glorious.  Solid performance awards go to Ed Harris, Andy Garcia Abbie Cornish, and Zazie Beets.  Also, the cause/reason for these satellite malfunctions is so absurd and mustache-twirling bad that I couldn’t help but laugh because, again, I knew what I was signing up for and enjoyed it.


I will do an in-depth review of this film at some point but I want to leave this film as spoiler free as possible.  It’s a good time from start to finish, there are some scenes that didn’t really work, and character development is one note for a lot of these characters.  Again though, you should know this going in.

Geostorm gets a 6/10 (an enjoyable 6/10)


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