SLASH COURSE – Friday the 13th Part 3

Welcome to Slash Course, a working title series where I go through and break down slasher movies in detail.  If you haven’t seen any of these films here is your SPOILER WARNING!!! For our third installment, let’s continue on with the franchise that started this series, Friday the 13th Part 3!

I do not know why but I’ve always enjoyed this one.  I don’t know if it was the funky music at the beginning or the cheesy 3-D effects that were attempted but I’ve always had a fond place for this one in my heart.  It also helps that I had a crush on the final girl of this one, Chris played by Dana Kimmell who was also in a guilty pleasure of mine called Lone Wolf McQuade.  However, I haven’t seen this one in quite a few years and going back and I feel I’ve matured as a film viewer so as much as I enjoyed this one in the past, I have to dock it some points as we’ll go through, making this one the worst of the Friday the 13th’s so far.  It’s still fun and enjoyable, but there are some real head-scratchers and one of the most annoying characters of the whole series, which I alluded to in the previous Slash Course review.  So let’s dive into it, shall we?

We open up and get a recap of what previously happened in the previous film of Ginny and Paul surviving Jason’s wrath and Jason crawling away.  They did not recap Jason diving through the window at Ginny though and if I had to guess it’s because Jason’s head is quite different in this film than that one.  We zoom in on Mrs. Voorhee’s rotting head and out of her eye sockets come the opening titles along with some of the cheesiest music of any film.  Very 80’s-rific and has a Thriller vibe to it.  I could only wish if Jason actually killed people with this music in the background.  Full disclosure, I do not own a 3-D TV nor have I ever seen this movie in 3-D so it just looks cheesy and with that music on top of it, it’s just cheesy fun.  Have a listen below:


So we get our opening credits with the 3D font coming at you with, good stuff.  This film is directed by Steve Miner, who also directed the last film.  This time we open up with a shot of the Crystal Lake gift store and some laundry on clotheslines.  This shop is owned by Harold and Edna and we find out a couple things in these few seconds.  One is that Edna is a nagging miserable old hag who bitches at Harold for just about everything. If I ever get married, I do not want to end up like Harold here.  This is the definition of a loveless marriage.  Two is that we will be treated with multiple shots in this film on the 3-D effects.  For example, Harold knocks over a stick elevating the clothesline so when Edna bitches about his bad habits, he jams the stick right into the camera making the stick come out at you in 3-D.  When not watching this film in 3-D, this comes off as annoying but I understand.  Anyways, Edna finds out about the events of the last film from the news broadcast, which showed Ginny going into an ambulance.  So, of course, Enda is horrified and then hears a thud outside.  Rewatching this I have no idea what caused this but Jason was clearly hiding behind the clothes on the clothesline and Edna thinks it’s Harold.  Edna decides to go outside and get some clothes off the clothesline and see’s an arm but doesn’t get a response when she says “Harold?” and then goes back inside with 2 of the 50 pairs of clothes on the line.  Jason watches her go back inside.  I can kind of understand where Enda is coming from as Harold is a bit of a dolt who eats some fish food.  Jason again is walking outside.  This nimrod grabs his rabbit out of the produce and then starts eating and drinking stuff that he’s selling.  I’m slowly not feeling sympathy for these people.  JUMPSCARE!!!!  It’s just Edna continuing to piss and moan about Harold.  Harold goes into the shed with the rabbit, which clearly suspects something.  JUMPSCARE!!!!  Well, I’d be freaked out too because it’s a fucking snake lunging at Harold’s face (another fancy 3-D effect.).  Harold runs back into the house where, yes again, Edna shames him.  Harold was literally scared shitless as he is now on the can.  Cchhh-cchhhh-cchhh-chhh Aaahhh-Ahhh-Ahh-Ahh.  Harold senses something so he’s looking around, opening doors, and then he opened one more door that he shouldn’t have.  Jason’s back and jams an ax right in Harold’s chest, making Harold kill numero uno.

KILL #1 – Harold

(His rabbit is now an orphan)

Edna thinks she heard something again and goes to check on Harold.  She needs someone to bitch at.  JUMPSCARE!!!! She finds a mouse on a plank of sorts walking towards the camera, giving off that 3-D effect.  Frightened by the mouse, she backs up right into her fate as Jason bashes a window, grabs Edna’s face from behind, and jams a needle through the back of her head killing her while blood from Edna’s mouth runs down Jason’s hand.

KILL #2 – Edna

(Still bitching at Harold in the afterlife)

We flash forward to present day where A Dodge Ram van drives by kids playing baseball in the street (another 3-D effect).  We’re introduced to our new batch of casualties (Chris, Debbie, and Andy) going to pick up someone.  Another one of the characters in the van is the aforementioned annoying character named Shelly, who is going to find his date for the weekend in the country.  You see, Shelly is a guy who likes to scare people.  He’ll sneak up with a mask and knife on someone.  He’ll play dead.  He’ll do anything for attention because, as he’ll even admit, he is a loser.  Not only is Shelly a loser, he is an attention whore who no one could possibly like.  So we find out his unlucky date is Vera Sanchez, who should have listened to her mother because she did not want her to leave the house with these people.  Being the rebel she is, Vera leaves with her friends and is introduced to Shelly the creep.  Debbie points out the van is on fire but it’s just your classic trope of two stoners smoking their bongs.  That old knee-slapper.  Down the road, we go and we find out our stoners have no goal in life other than smoking dope and that Debbie is pregnant and needs to pee all the time.  Of course, we get a 3-D effect of a joint being passed to Andy.  Shelly still sucks as well and is allergic to pot.  The po-po is coming and freaks everyone out so they start eating their stash.  False alarm though as the fuzz is after someone else.  The police are actually going to the murder scene at the gift shop, which the van drives by and Chris is troubled.  There’s a dead rabbit in the road….oh no.  There’s also a homeless man lying in the road either looking for a death wish or taking a nap.  He has an eyeball, freaks out everyone, and sticks the eyeball in the camera.  Yep.

We have arrived at Higgens Haven, our weekend country getaway.  The van crosses over a rickety bridge (foreshadowing) and arrives where someone looking at them from inside.  Everyone goes by the lake but Chris goes inside and is grabbed by a man and forces himself on her.  This sexual predator man turns out to be Rick and is Chris’ friend.  Rick is befuddled that Chris didn’t react kindly to his advances.  Chris lets him off and says it’s strange being here again (more of this to come).  Rick gives Chris a piggyback ride and claims Chris has gained some weight since last summer.  What a fat shamer.  Chris goes to the van and asshole Shelly grabs her scaring the shit out of her.  Chris wants to know why Shelly isn’t with everyone else and Shelly explains that they went skinny dipping and he wasn’t skinny enough.  Well, that’s at least a sight we were thankfully not treated to.  This also continues the trend of skinny dipping from the last film.  Back inside, Chris shows Debbie her room which only has a hammock to sleep in.  Chris looks outside the window and is startled that the barn door is open.  Rick is loading up hay and gave up the weekend with Mary Jo Conway for this.  Rick is a predator, a fat shamer, and now a guilt tripper.  He admits he’s a dumb country boy and struggles to bring up another bale of hay from the rig.  It turns out Chris is on the rig and when Rick sees her, he dumps her down to the ground.  I do not know what Chris sees in this man.  A scream is heard from the house.  Chris goes upstairs and finds Shelly with an ax to his head.  You know where this is going.  This mother fucker is pranking everyone again and must have been the one to scream, which sounded very feminine.  Everyone hates Shelly, including the audience.   Vera borrows Rick’s car, who doesn’t seem to mind at all so she can run to the store.  Shelly chases her down and she reluctantly lets him ride.  Debbie and Chris take a walk as Chris has to let off some steam from Shelly the jackass.  Chris worries if she came back too soon because she’s seeing things and hearing things.  Debbie assures her that nothing will happen when we’re all together.  Welp.

At the store, Vera goes to pay for her groceries and is quickly insulted by the cashier telling her “we don’t accept no food stamps.”  What the hell lady?!  She didn’t even go to pay yet and she blurted that out.  It actually does turn out that Vera did intend to pay with food stamps because she asks Shelly for his wallet to pay for these!  Nevermind then.  Shelly tosses his wallet at the camera for 3-D effect #87 and Vera can’t catch it.  She goes to pick it up but it’s stepped on by a high heeled boot.  A woman in biker gear picks up the wallet and holds it in the air.  Shelly is then manhandled by two other bikers.  The female biker finds Shelly’s condom and wants Vera to ask nicely for the wallet back.  The biker tells Vera to ask for the wallet by saying “May I please have the wallet, ma’am?”  The bully obliges and gives the wallet back.  Vera and Shelly head back to Rick’s car and Shelly is insulted that Vera used a $20.  The total for the groceries was $18.  Fuck off Shelly, you are with a girl that is out of your league.  One of the bikers walks out looking at Shelly.  Shelly and Vera stare at this man for a good 20 seconds and either Shelly is in fear or he’s plotting something.  Well, the answer is fear because this dimwit couldn’t think of any sort of plan if he tried.  This lunkhead starts the car and backs into the bikes of the bikers, pissing them off.  Shelly then almost commits manslaughter but the biker commands him to stop with the power of his fist.  The biker, who looks a lot like Dave Chappelle, then bashes his chain at the car, breaking the windshield.  Again I ask why Rick would let a stranger borrow his car.  Some more 3-D effects and Shelly bolts it but u-turns and then actually tries manslaughter again and this time the biker gets out of the way but Shelly runs over his bike.  The back of the biker’s vest is a black widow and according to the IMDB synopsis, this gang is indeed called the Black Widows.  Vera and Shelly seem to get away from the biker gang but more on this later.  Back at the cabin, the most annoying 3-D effect occurs as Andy strings a Yo-Yo up and down from above to the camera, which is supposed to be down to Debbie sunbathing.  This felt like it went on for 5 hours.  Shelly and Vera drive home but we do finally see Jason inside the barn having a look outside.  Vera is unbelievably falling for Shelly after his getaway from the biker gang.  Rick wants to know what the hell happened to his car but Vera and Shelly said it wasn’t their fault and it’s just “minor repairs”.  I was being facetious about Rick earlier but I am not about Shelly.  This guy is a bonafide prick.  Jason looks on as Rick and Chris take a ride because Rick is fed up and who could blame him.  Debbie wants to fool around with Andy by the lake, which Andy says “sounds disgusting.”  Debbie grabs some towels from the van but there are footsteps from the other side.  Debbie leaves and it turns out that it’s The Black Widows.  How in the hell did they find them?  Their bikes were tipped over, only one biker was outside, and Shelly & Vera got away down the road.  This one is a stretch to believe.  Ali, the one that was almost run over, siphons the gas from the van.  Fox, the female of the group, decides to go inside the barn for no good reason.   Fox wanders around and Jason stalks her from behind.  Fox climbs the ladder to the upper level of the barn.  Ali tells Loco to go burn the barn down and find Fox.  Fox is swinging from a rope as Loco tries to get her under control but he takes his eyes off her for a second and then she’s gone.  Jason timed it perfectly.  Loco goes inside to find Fox and goes upstairs.  He looks around but Fox’s corpse is pinned up on a beam by a pitchfork to Fox’s neck, making her kill #3friday-3-fox-kill

KILL #3 – Fox

(Liked to be called Ma’am)

Loco then get a pitchfork of his own to the gut and at first, you think he dies in slow motion but no, he just takes forever to die because we have to get the damn end of the pitchfork to work as a 3-D effect and Loco ends up on his knees for 15 minutes slowly dying.

KILL #4 – Loco

(Probably still not dead yet)

Ali has filled the gas can but can’t find anyone.  He goes into the barn and thinks either he’s being pranked or they are boinking.  He walks around and Loco’s corpse (sans pitchfork) falls on him.  Ali, of course, freaks out and then sees someone jump down.  Ali ain’t afraid and grabs a machete to go at the bastard.  No one’s home though and the stealthy Jason comes from behind Ali and takes him out.  Jason takes his machete and just slashes Ali’s right arm over and over again.  However, there won’t be a gif of Ali’s death because…well…..yeah just wait for it.

Anyways we’re back with our regular group of victims as Andy is showing off his handstand skills to Debbie while someone watches from inside.  Andy wants a roll in the hay but Debbie’s having none of it and tells Andy to go play with himself.  Andy is looking in the direction of the individual looking at him but may have cataracts or myopia because he doesn’t see a thing.  Andy runs after Debbie to try and use his love gun.  We go from day to night now as Rick and Chris are outside and somewhere away from everyone else.  Rick and Chris have a lover’s spat over barriers between them and proving things.  Like Jim Morrison, Rick just wants to break through Chris’s barrier, but there’s baggage there.  Before we get anywhere with them though, we have to go back to our stoners who are passed out on the couch, man.  Then we have a competition of juggling between Shelly and Andy for yet another 3-D effect that lasted forever.  Debbie and Vera look as bored as the audience so Debbie the minx gets up and tells Andy that there are far better things Andy could be doing with his hands.  Andy drops his oranges at the realization of getting laid and give the win to Shelly, probably one of the few things Shelly won in his life.  Vera gets up to poke the fire, which Debbie and Andy are going to do shortly, in the fireplace and Shelley stares at her ass.  Vera stands up and then Shelly goes for it, saying he likes her.  However, before he goes any further Vera shuts him down and says they can talk later.  Vera goes outside and Shelly calls her a bitch.  There is not 1 redeemable quality of Shelly.  Vera walks on the porch while Shelly still looks at her before giving up.  Jason walks by outside and then we’re fooled when Shelly turns around but no one is there.  Although his doom is coming.

Andy and Debbie are getting ready to bonk in the hammock.  We then go back to Chris and Rick having a talk.  Chris then spills the beans over what happened to her.  Apparently, Rick and Chris had a really good time that night but when Rick dropped Chris off at home, she got into a fight with her parents and her mom slapped her.  I’m not justifying Chris’s mom slapping her but if my kid was out late and I had no idea where he/she was, I’d be pretty concerned and angry.  So Chris’s idea of revenge was to hide out on purpose to make them feel bad for what they did.  Oh boy.  She also picked a bad night to do it because it was raining and cold.  She fell asleep by a tree and was awoken by footsteps.  It turned out to be one of the characters from the Hills Have Eyes Jason and he attacked her.  Small note, she either slept a long time because, for a rainy night, it was not very muddy.  Chris was being dragged around by Jason and she described him getting on top of her.  She then blacked out and she doesn’t remember what happened after that.  I took it as it was implied that he raped her but there was never mention of it.  Chris ended up waking up in her bed and her parents never spoke about it to her.  What?  So, did her parents find her outside?  Did the police find her outside?  Did Jason drop her off back home after their romantic night out?  We don’t ever find out.  Rick and Chris hear a noise but it’s just Rick’s car battery crapping out.  Of course, it does so now they have to walk back.  Rick knows a shortcut though so everything’s cool.  Speaking of COOOOOOOOLL, back to our stoner friends and the dude wakes up to go take a shit.  I had to look their names up on IMDB because I don’t think they were uttered.  The male stoner is Chuck and the female stoner is Chili.  So now Chuck is smoking a joint (heavy shit maaannn) and someone is rocking the outhouse.  Chuck is convinced it’s Shelly and sees Jason, who he thinks is Shelly, enter the barn.  Chuck then runs into Chili which scares him.  Between using the outhouse in the middle of the night, having the outhouse shake, and being scared running into someone, Chuck may not have to go for a while.  Chili wants to give Shelly a taste of his own medicine so they go into the barn.  Chuck is having second thoughts but Chili wants to get the butterball.  Chuck and Chili come up empty handed and leave but Jason watches them from behind.

Vera is sitting on the dock enjoying herself when a hand grabs Vera’s foot from the lake.  Vera gets away and then is spooked by that asshole Shelly wearing a hockey mask.  Yes, the infamous Jason hockey mask makes it’s debut here.  Vera understandably is upset and asks Shelly why he does these stupid things and he says it’s because he just wants people to like him.  Let me be an annoying prick who scares people all the time and see how many Facebook friends I’ll gain. Let’s also scare women half to death to win over them.  Shelly is scum and his end is coming, yay!  Vera, for whatever reason, says she likes him but Shelly leaves to sit on a bench.  He, yet again, stares at Vera’s ass while she sits back down on the dock.  Shelly then decides to go into the barn.  Why?  Who the hell knows.  He knocks on the window and looks for Chuck and Chili, and actually calls them by their names so they are not nameless.  Again though, why would Shelly think that Chuck and Chili are in the barn?  Why wouldn’t you check inside?  Whatever.  This whole scene doesn’t make sense but Shelly goes inside is jump scared by a horse head falling.  Back to Vera who is….still….sitting.  She pulls out Shelly’s wallet but accidentally drops it in the lake.  It drifts away so she has to go in to get it.  She gets it but Jason has the hockey mask on and is walking towards Vera.  Vera thinks it’s Jason but when Jason points a spear gun towards her, she doesn’t find it funny.  She did find a spear through her head though as she is kill number 5.

KILL #5 – Vera

(Her mom warned her)

So Shelly got his mask taken but we didn’t see him offed?  Thankfully there’s more to come on that.  Back in the hammock, Andy and Debbie are continuing to go to the boneyard.  Debbie claims the hammock was better than Andy and she’s taking a shower.  Ladies and gentleman, Jason Vorhees has entered the building.  Jason is going up the stairs while a snail passes him along the way.  One of my pet peeves happens when Debbie is taking a shower and Andy is yelling something to her but she can’t hear.  Either open the door or wait until she’s done!  Christ.  3 more snails pass Jason as he’s making is way up the stairs.  Jump scare time as someone approaches the shower curtain but it’s just Andy who continues to show off his handstand skills.  Andy then asks her if she wants a beer.  Thank you!  The jackass then continues to walk on his hands keeping his handstand going.  Debbie has to shut the door because Andy is a jackass.  Andy continues to do his handstand walking when a man wearing a hockey mask and holding a machete stands by.  Andy looks up and is slashed from the pelvis down to a gruesome death.


KILL #6 – Andy

(Nobody likes a showoff)

Debbie decides that she doesn’t want that beer now but doesn’t get a response.  She wraps her shower up and is annoyed that Andy isn’t responding.  She goes into their room and grabs a Fangoria magazine to read in the hammock.  The magazine is then hit with some blood drops because Jason is a three-eyed raven or something.  He knows exactly where their room is.  Debbie looks up and it’s a crumpled up Andy dripping blood into the 3-D camera.  Debbie then gets the Jack treatment from the first Friday the 13th as she is killed from under the hammock with a knife through her chest.


KILL #7 – Debbie

(Never got to finish that Fangoria magazine)

This was a more disturbing kill because earlier we found out that she was pregnant.  So not does she die, her unborn kid will also perish here.  Rick and Chris don’t get killed through Rick’s shortcut and are almost back to the cabin.  Chuck is making some popcorn which pops into the camera for 3-D effect number 83402.  Chili walks in and asks Chuck if he heard screaming and Chuck says it was probably just Debbie having an orgasm.  Nice.  Chili then insults Chuck’s stamina by basically calling him a dead fuck.  Dead fuck is a term you’ll hear repeatedly in the next Slash Course review.  The power, of course, goes out, I’m pretty sure this has happened each movie so far, so Chili asks Chuck to go to the cellar and check the fuse box.  Chili seems to be wearing the pants in this relationship.  Chuck wanders out to the cellar and talks himself up to not be afraid.  The man doesn’t even wear sandals as he’s walking through puddles.  He gets spooked by a dead skunk and then aroused by a pinup girl.  We go back to Chili who checks the door and it’s Shelly with his throat slit.  Chili doesn’t fall for the boy who cried wolf routine this time and Shelly finally dies.


KILL #8 – Shelly

(He will not be missed, by anyone, ever.)

Chuck finds the fuse box and turns the power back on but Mr. Voorhees is behind him.  Chuck is startled to see him and Jason tosses him into the fuse box electrocuting him.

KILL #9 – Chuck

(Was bad in bed)

Chili sees the lights flickering and then pushes Shelly to wake up but he just drops to the floor.  Chili then has an orgasm and runs away.  Chili goes into the cabin crying to anyone that will listen to her that Shelly’s dead.  Jason is back inside with the fireplace poker for 3-D effect 1,003,302.  Chili runs around and the door blows open.  She turns around and gets impaled with the poker for kill #10.

KILL #10 – Chili


Jason picks Chili up and carries her corpse somewhere.  Chris and Rick finally make it back to the cabin.  It’s getting a little windy out because the Voorhees family can control weather.  Chris is taken aback on how quiet it is.  She can’t believe the “wild bunch” would already be in bed.  Yeah, what a rowdy cast of characters here!  Chris can’t open the door because there’s something, or someone, behind it.  She also smells something burning inside.  Rick pushes through and finds a chair was blocking the door and that the burner was still on from the popcorn.  Come on Chuck, Christ!  Rick has a look around but doesn’t find anything and goes outside.  Chris tells him to wait because she’s coming with but Rick just moseys on out to the cellar but hears a noise.  Chris now can’t find Rick because he just couldn’t wait and goes out yelling for him.  She asks if everything is alright as the camera shows Jason holding Rick’s mouth from the side of the house.  Chris doesn’t hear anything and goes back inside.  Jason then crushes Rick’s skull so bad that his left eye pops out of his head for 3-D effect number 1,500,302.  As cheesy as it was, I do think that kill was pretty great.

KILL #11 – Rick

(He passed up a weekend with Mary Jo Conway for this!)




Water drips on Chris and so she goes to investigate what’s happening.  She goes into the bathroom where water is all over the floor coming from the shower.  Chris pulls the curtain back and finds bloody clothes in the tub.  Chris goes outside screaming for Rick but instead find Loco’s body fall from a tree.  Chris is freaked and runs inside screaming for Rick.  She locks the shutters and barricades the door crying for Rick.  She gets her wish as Rick’s cadaver flies through a window.  She comforts Rick and then sees a man in a hockey mask and runs upstairs.  Jason gives chase but Chris knocks over a bookshelf full of books on top of Jason.  She locks herself in a room but finds Debbie’s body hiding in the clothes.  Jason heard her yell and keeps the tradition going of trying to break through doors with weapons.  Chris is petrified by sees a knife in her dead friend’s back.  She reluctantly pulls it out and stabs Jason’s hand.  Chris goes right after Jason and the cameraman stabbing at them repeatedly for another 3-D effect.  Chris stabs Jason in the knee, bringing him down.  Chris insists on staying in the house and tries getting into another room but the door is being difficult for some reason.  She finally gets in but right before Jason takes the knife out of his knee and throws it at her.  Chris does indeed find a window and bashes is with a chair.  She goes to escape but Jason grabs her jacket.  Chris is able to get free from the jacket and drops down.  She then grabs a log and sneak attacks Jason from behind with it.  Jason is getting a fight here.  Chris then shows she does have a brain and runs to the van.  She indeed has the keys and the van starts up!  Wooo Hooo!  But wait, that dastardly biker gang took all the gas out!  Oh No!  It’s okay though as the van has a fuel reserve so she flips the switch but it’s too late as the bridge is giving way from the weight of the van.  Jason limps towards Chris and grabs her by the throat but Chris rolls up her window trapping Jason’s arms.  Chris escapes but Jason bashes his head through the window to break free.  This is exhausting.

Chris runs towards the barn with Jason in pursuit.  She tries to barricade herself in using a shovel but Jason easily slips the shovel out.  Jason then locks the barn up properly as he looks for Chris.  Chris is hiding up top and in a head-scratching move decides to shimmy across a beam and jump down on Jason.  She tries to lift the beam to unlock the gate but Jason attacks with his machete.  Chris moves out of the way and climbs up the ladder and puts some hay down to hide for another sneak attack with a shovel.  Chris then uses the rope that brought up the hay to wrap around Jason’s neck and shoved him off to hang him.  That was a pretty bold move there.

Chris climbs down and takes the beam off the gates and then acts startled as Jason is hanging there.  This literally happened 30 seconds ago.  Then she is shocked because Jason is moving and then takes his mask off to let her know he’s the guy that came after her last year.  Jason grabs the machete and is ready to finish the deal when….Ali….yes fucking ALI who was getting slashed to bits by Jason earlier comes out from a room and attacks Jason.  What the hell was Jason thinking here?  He kills all these people but decides to let Ali live and stash him away in the barn?  We’ll never know that as Jason slashes Ali’s forearm off.

KILL #12 – Ali

(How he lasted this long is beyond me)

As Jason slashes MULTIPLE times with his machete like he was earlier (this time the machete is covered in blood), Chris takes the opportunity to grab an ax and bash it into Jason’s head.  Jason is stunned by this and walks like a zombie towards Chris for one more 3-D effect.  Jason slowly succumbs to the pain and appears to die in front of Chris’s feet.

Chris kicks Jason’s head to make sure he’s dead while the ax is sticking out for our final 3-D effect.  Chris then finds a canoe and drifts out to the lake.  Hey, this sounds familiar.  We now are in daytime looking at this canoe and Chris wakes up screaming.  The canoe hits a log and Chris screams.  Birds fly by and Chris…screams.  Chris then looks up to the house and see Jason in the window smiling.  But…it can’t be!  Chris paddles away but she goes right into a bunch of logs.  What a fool.  Chris tries to push the logs away as Jason bashes through the door and runs towards Chris.  Chris keeps trying to push the logs away but looks back up and the door is back in place and there’s no Jason.  And then, in one of the most ridiculous things in the franchise, this happens:

Now I know this is a dream sequence (or is it?) but this just does not make sense at all.  Mrs. Voorhees is dead.  Mrs. Voorhees’ head was decapitated from her body.  Her head is now attached to her body.  Mrs. Voorhees head is on an altar.  This is not Crystal Lake.  How?  Why?  WHAAATTT?!?!

We come back to a couple of police officers who say she’s the only one left alive and that she was mumbling about some lady in the water.  I don’t know what’s more horrifying, Mrs. Voorhees in the water or the M. Night Shyamalan movie.  Chris comes out of the cabin in the midst of a psychotic breakdown.  She’s put in the back of a police car and starts screaming and laughing.  We then zoom in on Jason’s corpse and then end the movie looking at the lake.

I remembered liking this movie a lot more than I do now.  This is dumb fun, yes but it is not very good.  I still enjoy seeing Dana Kimmell in anything but this was a mess and the worst of the franchise so far.  Onward we will go as the next installment of SLASH Course will be Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter (bwahaha!)

Friday the 13th Part 3 gets a 6/10

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