Film Review – Thor: Ragnarok


This has been a great year for comic book movies.  Just trying to think of what the weakest movie of the year for the genre is tough for me because I’ve liked them all.  Thor: Ragnarok is no exception and keeps the good times rolling with this surprisingly dark superhero comedy for the 3rd installment.  Making a dark superhero comedy about something called RAGNAROK, you know the end of all things, is kind of amazing and it totally works.  I haven’t laughed this much for a superhero film since the 1st Guardians, which is also one of my favorite superhero films, which I’ll eventually rank one day.  Anyways, let’s get into this review!


Thor: Ragnarok is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Cate Blanchett as Hela, and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.  The Goddess of Death Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, has arrived to threaten Asgard and it is up to Thor to save the day.  If you’ve seen the trailer, which I’m sure you have, you know that Hela destroys Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer.  So Hela is pretty powerful and Thor may need some help.  The cast of characters assembled is a ragtag team made me feel like Guardians again.  In fact, I’d love to see “The Revengers” and The Guardians in a cosmic adventure sometime in the future because that would be Valhalla for me.  I LOVE the first Guardians film and to say that this is in the same breath as Guardians 1 is great to type.  The movie is very funny with major, MAJOR, stakes and was balanced very well by Waititi.  Waititi himself voiced the character of Korg and I won’t say anything else about Korg because he almost steals every scene he’s in.

The one main complaint I have isn’t even with the film.  It was, ironically, with the trailer that got me pumped up to see the film.  There are scenes that you see in the trailer that is awesome but you kind of wish they didn’t show because I found myself at times remembering the trailer and just waiting for scenes to happen.  Now I know that there are plenty of instances that trailers for movies sometimes don’t have scenes in them at in the final product but this one does and a good chunk of them are from the 3rd act.  No spoilers here but just go in knowing that.  Besides that, this film is a blast.  There’s no other way to accept this movie other than a dark superhero comedy because this is a movie that has a lot of stakes and a looming evil threat in Hela but the movie also takes time to crack jokes.  I’ve read things online that the movie is “too fun” and to that, I say, good!  I get the complaint that Thor isn’t really a comedy character but I counter that and say watch all the MCU movies that Thor is in and see the progression of comedy he shows off.  Chris Hemsworth is a funny comedic actor in these films.  While the first Thor film was a Shakespearian type of movie, Thor progressively had layers of comedy added to him throughout the years and this is probably the peak Thor as far as comedy.


Other positives I had of the film were the interaction with Thor and Hulk.  They are a blast together and for the time Bruce Banner is around, he is hilarious.  I like that Hulk has been Hulk for a while and now acts like a small child when he doesn’t get his way.  Valkyrie was also a great character, played great by Tessa Thompson who I enjoyed in Creed as well.  I think Valkyrie had the best overall arc in the film from start to finish.  The planet of Sakaar was very cool and the guy that runs the joint is the Grand Master, played by the great Jeff Goldblum.  Having a name like the Grand Master is egotistical but he is also a bit maniacal.  I was also happy to see that Heimdal, played by Idris Elba, had an expanded role in this one.  There are a few cameos in here that were fun, one was an emotional one.  Also, there are the usual two post-credit scenes you get with MCU movie and both are worth seeing.

Other than that, there were some very minor complaints about the movie, which are spoilers, but this may end up being in my top 5, for sure my top 10, MCU movies.  As everyone else on the internet has said, this is the best Thor movie.  A lot of people crap on the 1st Thor but I really enjoyed it for what it was.  I was absolutely let down by Thor: The Dark World so it was great not only to have a great Thor movie again but to have the best in the series so far.  Everyone in the film was strong.


Thor: Ragnarok gets a 9.2 out of 10


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